Taking Care of Your Feet To Keep Them in Good Shape

Posted on: 5 December 2018


Although the health of your feet affects how active you are and your overall well-being, most people tend to ignore these body parts until a problem crops up. This neglect of your feet is what makes them prone to developing health issues such as athlete's foot and other problems, since they are not receiving the proper care and maintenance that will keep them in healthy condition. Luckily, there are a handful of tips that you could use to ensure that your feet stay healthy and in good condition.

Take measures to ensure your feet stay clean and dry

One of the ways of promoting the health of your feet is ensuring they are receiving good hygiene practices. The simplest way of doing this is by simply ensuring that your feet are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis and dried completely after they come into contact with water. The reason for this is that fungi will breed in areas that are dark and moist. These conditions are common between the toes of your feet, which makes them susceptible to fungal infections. By cleaning and drying your feet religiously, you eliminate these prime breeding conditions, decreasing the chances of developing a fungal infection.

Regularly inspect your feet for any abnormalities

Another way to keep your feet in good health is performing regular inspections on them. Performing a foot exam on a regular basis will enable you to spot any irregularities in your feet as they are just beginning to develop. This gives you ample time to visit a podiatrist to diagnose the problem in good time and remedy it before it got the chance to escalate. Some of the things that you should look out for when carrying out this self-examination include any discolouration in your feet, the sudden onset of peeling, hardening of the skin and more.

Trim your nails in the right manner

When most people cut their nails, they do not pay much attention to their technique. As long as their nails are shortened, they are fine with the job they have done. However, your cutting technique could be what is exposing you to ingrown nails, and this can put you in a significant amount of pain. When you are cutting your nails, ensure that you cut them straight across without cutting them too close to the skin. Steer clear from trying to severely round the edges of the nail, as this is what promotes the growth of ingrown nails.