5 Tips On How To Prevent Your High Heeled Shoes From Giving You Heel Pain

Posted on: 4 October 2016


Heel pain is a common occurrence globally, and one of its main causes is improper footwear. A good example is women's high heeled shoes that add stress to the heel when walking or standing. If you are a lady and often wear high heels, the chances are that you have experienced heel pain at one time or may do so in future. In this article, discover how you can help manage your love for heels to avoid getting bogged down by heel pain.

Wear them less

If wearing high heels is causing you heel pain, the best alternative is to either quit them or to wear them less. In fact, if you are experiencing heel pain as it is, think about putting your heels away for a while as you recover. In the long term, consider wearing them less often. High heeled shoes amplify the amount of stress endured by the heel so taking a break from them is not a bad thing for your feet and mobility.

Try out wedges or smaller heels

If you often get recurring heel pain when wearing high heels, another alternative to managing the problem would be to compromise and try out smaller heels. The smaller the heel, the less stress your foot will be under and, therefore, the lower the chance of heel pain. You could even try out wedges instead as they distribute your body's weight more evenly compared to heels.

Go for heels with a rubber base

High heeled shoes cause heel pain because of the positioning of the foot and the concentration of the body's weight on the heel. You can still wear high heels and change the latter by wearing high heeled shoes that have a rubber base. The rubber base acts a shock absorber and reduces the impact your heel is exposed to when walking. This, in turn, protects your heel and foot from strain and pain.

Carry flat shoes for use when indoors

You can also greatly lower your chances of heel pain if you adopt a habit of carrying a pair of flat shoes when wearing high heels. You can stash the flat shoes in your bag, at work or in the car. This way, you can wear the flat shoes indoors, e.g. when at work or when driving. This will reduce the amount of time you wear heels and lower your risk of heel pain.

Avoid wearing heels when running or walking over steep terrains

You will also avoid heel pain if you refrain from wearing high heeled shoes when running or walking over steep grounds. That's because wearing heels already strains the feet enough. Running or walking over steel surfaces in heels multiplies this strain even further.

If you have been experiencing heel pain due to your habit of wearing high-heeled shoes, visit a podiatrist for advice, treatment and aids that could further protect your feet from prolonged suffering.