4 Things You Can Do To Have Healthy Feet

Posted on: 7 March 2016


Unlike most of the other parts of the body, the feet are neglected and only cared for when there are clear signs that something is wrong. Many people wait to feel some pain, see some reddening, blisters, or peeling skin before they actually start to pay attention to what might be happening to their feet. This should not be the case. Just like the rest of the body, it is important to accord feet the necessary care they need to avoid discomfort and disease infections. For healthy feet, here are some few things you can do:

Don't Go Barefoot

An easy way to ensure that you have healthy feet is to avoid walking or running barefoot especially when you are outside the house. Your feet are not suited for the rough terrain outdoors, which is the reason you should not walk or run barefoot on the tarmac paving outside the house. Moreover, you should also restrain from playing or walking barefoot in the garden or playground.

Going barefoot elevates the risk of injuries and cuts from sharp objects that you may not see on the ground. In addition, your feet become sore, and they can develop blisters because the ground is too rough. You should wear nicely fitting shoes or sandals to protect the foot.

Regular exercise

Your feet comprise bones and muscles to give them strength and the ability to support your body weight. During exercise, you use them intensely to support additional weight in the gym or additional pressure imposed on them when you are running. This strengthens the bones and joints around the ankle area and the toes. Moreover, the muscles become more agile and reduce the risk of foot injuries such as sprains.

Dry Your Feet Well

After taking a swim or shower, make sure that you wipe your feet thoroughly using a dry, soft towel. Wipe in between the toes to remove all the water. Wet feet are a breeding ground for many foot infections. Thus, wiping your feet thoroughly will help you avoid fungal infections such as athletes' foot.

Eat Healthy

Eating food that strengthens your bones will go a long way in improving the health of your feet. Here, you should go for food rich in calcium to help you strengthen the bones. Dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese are a good option when you need calcium.

For more information, talk to a podiatric practise.