How Your Foot Can Be Protected After Bunion Surgery

Posted on: 18 November 2015


Your podiatrist may recommend foot surgery as a last resort to relieve the pain of bunions. It is important to protect that foot after surgery so that proper healing can take place. This article discusses the different methods that can be used to protect your foot after you have undergone bunion surgery.

Use of a Cast

A cast can help your foot to heal properly. This is because the cast holds the foot in place so that the bone has a chance to repair itself. The surgeon (or your podiatrist) will advise you on whether the cast is weight-bearing, or not. A weight-bearing cast can withstand the weight you place on your foot while you walk. Bearing weight on the injured foot as you walk can be beneficial to the healing process. This is because it promotes blood flow to the affected parts of your foot.

The Use of a Walking Aid

Your doctor may also suggest that you use a walker, crutches or a cane. These devices help to give you some support while you walk. They can also help to take all, or part of your weight off the foot that underwent surgery. Make sure that your podiatrist shows you the best way to use any walking aids that you are given after surgery. Otherwise, you may find it very hard to balance as you walk with the support of that device.

The Use of Surgical Shoes

The doctor can also recommend the use of a surgical shoe as a protective measure for your foot that has just undergone bunion surgery. A surgical shoe is a special shoe designed to provide the highest degree of comfort and protection to your foot. For instance, it has a rigid insole to limit how much your foot moves as you walk. It also has adjustable straps that are used to fasten the shoe onto your foot. Your doctor/podiatrist will determine how long you should use this surgical shoe before transitioning to your normal shoes.

Your podiatrist will work with the surgeon who operated on your foot to determine the specific foot protection measures that are appropriate in your case. For instance, you may not need to wear a surgical shoe if the doctor recommends that you wear a cast. It is important that you adhere to all the post-operative care instructions given by your doctor or podiatrist. Only then will you recover and gain full use of your foot within the expected healing time.